Maybe I Was Wrong About Hyprland

Okay, I've never been one to pick sides on the whole xorg/wayland debate. I'll use either as long as my system works and for the last couple of years - I've used xorg. The reason is because I use tiling window managers and since I've used linux, the x window managers that are out there have been far superior than any of the wayland compositors. Qtile has been my daily driver for the past two years and it's an amazing window manager, written in python - meaning that it's super easy to hack on it, making it your own. In my opinion, wayland is for sure the future, and depending on what you're talking about, is actually the present for desktop environments such as gnome and even kde plasma. But that doesn't mean that x is dead - even if fedora is killing it with f40. There are still features that many people need, that only x can do for them. I am not one of those people, so I'm not one that needs to stick with xorg. The only reason that I have for the time being is because the overall experience, in my experiences, was always better on xorg. That all changed when I tried out hyprland again.

I have only tried the two main wayland compositors, hyprland and sway. About once a month for the past six months, I'd install hyprland and sometimes sway to give them a try and see if I could make a daily driving system out of them. Literally not until this past week have I had an above average experience. At least with hyprland, I quickly gave up on sway. I know that people have had a really good experience with both of these compositors, for some time now, so I'm well aware that my past troubles could all have been from user error. That is where most peoples troubles stem from with linux, anyway. Hell, that's where most peoples troubles stem with in life but who am I to judge.

Anyway - the point of this blog post. I'm having a damn great experience with hyprland right now. So much so that I nuked my system, removed qtile and now have been using hyprland exclusively for going on twelve hours now. I would really like to get qtile working under wayland because it's definitely the best window manager (my opinion, not yours) but I can't get obs working under qtile-wayland and that's kind of a necessity for me. So for now, it's hyprland. We shall see where this all goes. I'll probably put a video out about it too, so be on the lookout over at

Until the next time I decide to puke words onto your screen.


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